Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, I started tinkering in web design in 1998. Geocities was my playground, and through the liberal use of view source, I began to teach myself HTML to create pages for various creative outlets. (Role-playing games and fan fiction, let's be perfectly honest here) 

I initially went to college for Interior Design and ended up working at various furniture and housewares stores, while dabbling in web design on the side. Web tutorials, books, and courses online helped me hone my craft, but it wasn't until 2015 that I decided to take the plunge and go back to college to get my degree. 

I went to Kirkwood Community College. I majored in Web Technologies, with an emphasis on Graphic Design, along with a certificate in Social Media Marketing. I am proud to say I made the Dean's List every available semester, and some of my work is used as an example for other students. 

I'm the dog mom to a precocious Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Diddams, a wife, prospective world traveler, and a devoted art lover. 



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